Mac users love that they can drag and drop .app files into their application directories, and uninstall them just by deleting the application bundle. Most users don’t know (or really care) that files are often left behind in their “~/Library” directories. Those who do care might go to the trouble of deleting them by hand, or they might use a utility like AppCleaner. The point is, despite some disadvantages of manual application management, they like knowing exactly where their apps are installed. It helps to demystify the operating system, and gives them an increased sense of control. In contrast, it feels to them like Windows buries applications’ true locations, leaving behind a convoluted trail of shortcuts and requiring an opaque “wizard” intermediary which, let’s be honest, sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t.
Twelve things Microsoft should know about Windows 10 (that Windows users won’t tell them)
Christian Cantrell

And then I find the library bundle especially for independent games or for visual novels.

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