Her situation — and the response to it — has echoes of something darker and more disturbing than a gold digger who wound up First Lady of the United States. What should disturb us is not that Melania, in all her complicity, is evil. It’s that she willfully became a non-person, and the dichotomy of that truth with her actions now is jarring. She plagiarized a speech by Michelle Obama. When asked about the “grab em by the pussy” tapes, she repeated, almost word-for-word, the same exact statement. She clearly and consistently regurgitates what someone else tells her to say. She has no record of holding personal opinions about anything. She is as close to a robot as possible, wholly devoid of personality or agency.
Melania Trump isn’t a black and white issue
talia jane

Being a non-person does disturb people and those who could be people.

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