I didn’t know what to expect from Talia. It was a little like meeting a celebrity: I didn’t anticipate a normal person in patterned tights and Converses and long wavy hair — not really. She’d long since become a projection: of hatred towards entitled Millennials, or frustration with the tech economy. It was so easy to assume from the dribs and drabs Talia meted out on her social media streams that she was a cookie-cutter Millennial, she so neatly fit the bill. Yet it was only after I started digging that I discovered her online transparency — to a degree many consider TMI terrain — goes far beyond her belonging to any generation, or any particular personality type.
The Revelations of Lady Murderface
Lauren Smiley

Have read MILLENIALS RISING. There are people in there who have sort of been like Talia. Talia herself — not the projection.

As for personality types and their diffusion/dissemination…

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