Shortly before Ramanujan entered his life, Hardy had started to collaborate with John Littlewood, who he would later say was an even more important influence on his life than Ramanujan. After Ramanujan died, Hardy moved to what seemed like a better job in Oxford, and ended up staying there for 11 years before returning to Cambridge. His absence didn’t affect his collaboration with Littlewood, though — since they worked mostly by exchanging written messages, even when their rooms were only a few hundred feet apart. After 1911 Hardy rarely did mathematics without a collaborator; he worked especially with Littlewood, publishing 95 papers with him over the course of 38 years.
Who Was Ramanujan?
Stephen Wolfram

I would think so too. “Hardy” must have been a big fillip on any mathematical paper. Especially the ones about integral series. We go where he goes; we think as and how he thinks.

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