Why are international bodies not concerned? Well, the old boys in the club know that France is a “superpower” — albeit — with an Achilles heel. They know that the FCFA issue has been steak with an expiration date since World War II. Imagine it for a second. If France lost access to that $418 billion tomorrow, the EU trade bloc would reel from the effects a thousand times worse than Brexit! They have interests, so they turn a blind eye. France itself has seen this coming. I hear they’ve been scouring the planet trying to make new rich friends. Vietnam and Saudi Arabia have been invited to join the Francophonie party. Whether they would agree to be fooled is another story.
#SomeoneTellFrance: We Know What You Did
Kathleen Ndongmo

One reason we need to pay attention. Forget the Common Agricultural Subsidies, even… And Vietnam joining the Francophonie party … is beyond conscience. And if the Saudis agree to be fooled…

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