The newest iteration of Spider-Man, however, takes a drastically different turn. While Jon Watts’ Peter Parker in HOMECOMING isn’t rolling in the dough, per say, he does spend the vast majority of the movie in the permeating presence of Tony Stark. He is gifted a Spider-Man suit with all the latest gadgetry and effects for around 70% of the movie, and is sent on a “vacation” during the events of CIVIL WAR when he isn’t fighting Captain America. If I remember correctly, Stark even offers to pay for Peter’s college (Maguire’s Spider-Man went to Columbia on a scholarship). Outside of Tony Stark, HOMECOMING does not really talk about anyone’s financial situation except for that of the movie’s villain Adrian Toomes — a working-class man who turns to crime when he loses his job to Stark’s official clean-up crew.
Poor Peter Parker: The Gentrification of Spider-Man
Cameron Carpenter

So in this ‘verse only bad people/villains have money? Or they talk about it?

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