Carrying internalized shame squelches emotional processing (as illustrated by Soria’s article) because it tells us that we can’t handle what is actually behind the curtain covering the darkest corners of our minds. Shame tells us that a perfect body to plaster all over Instagram is the only thing that can keep people interested in us. Shame tells us that with excessive workouts, calorie counting, and emotion avoidance, we can achieve happiness and contentment. But shame is what keeps the high rates of eating disorders, body dysmorphia, and depression alive and well in the gay community, and, brothers, shame is telling us lies.
Why gay men left their shirts in the closet: How the age of the shirtless selfie is destroying the…
Zach Rawlings

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. “Carrying internalised shame … the only thing that can keep people interested in us.” And the things shame tells us … are lies. You said it Zach Rawlings.

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