A new upbeat video in her inbox of the ever-suave Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman meeting with Eat24 staffers on a day she’d woken up hungry — like, down-to-rice-and-couldn’t-afford-food hungry, she claims. She just couldn’t take the Techlandia cheer anymore. One of her coworkers couldn’t move into the Section 8 housing she qualified for because of the moving costs. Another staffer I talked to (anonymously, given they’re not supposed to talk to reporters) said that most customer service workers commuted up to an hour-and-a-half to the office from cheaper climes. “We do hire anyone,” that employee told me, “and we do have people who are currently living in homeless shelters. A lot of people there are trying to get back on their feet.”
The Revelations of Lady Murderface
Lauren Smiley

THE INSENSITIVITY! It shows you how marketing and advertising try to project this ideal world. And if you saw it in relief, in real, the people they [we, I, you] are hurting…

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