How hard would it be to create a bot on Facebook that befriends elderly adults, say people who are over 80? The bot would make references to cultural items from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. It would automatically “like” any “nostalgic” posts and then comment by adding some other “reminiscence.” The bot would be male to female users and female to male users. It’s avatar would match their race. It would post really well selected pictures from yesteryear. How many “friends” would that bot account have to have before it was worth a lot of money? Remember, it’s a bot, so once if it works once, you can make 100,000 other instances of it without a problem. Facebook has over a BILLION users.
Spam on Medium means automated ads for things like websites and services that are attached as…

This “befriending bot” … I wonder if it’s already been around and doing the business? And I know seniors are a growing market on social media.

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