Dictionaries and thesauruses are to writers as pixel rules are to designers. Just as designers might not really think about having an easily accessible pixel ruler constantly at their fingertips until such time as they don’t, those who do a lot of writing on Macs will not realize how much they rely on the built-in dictionary — and specifically, the convenient global keyboard shortcut to access it in-line — until they’re typing away on Windows, and suddenly trying to remember the difference between “imminent,” “immanent,” and “eminent.” Of course, you can break your train of thought and use a horrendously ad-riddled online dictionary, or you can install a third-party utility like WordWeb, but this is just one more detail that Apple took the time to get right and Microsoft, as of yet, has not.
Twelve things Microsoft should know about Windows 10 (that Windows users won’t tell them)
Christian Cantrell

Yes. When I click on any word which isn’t a link I use the dictionary.

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