Today my thoughts veered towards teachers and the concept of passion in education, especially early education.

I’ve been talking for a while now about the disruption of the traditional education system in Nigeria by technology and the acceleration of that disruption by covid. Yes, I deliberately wrote covid in small letters because enough is enough already :-).

Anyway, the likes of uLesson, an e-learning startup in Nigeria, have seen a surge in customer numbers in the last few months. And I have been quite vocal about urging people in the education space to upskill and retrain themselves to be able…

I’ve been increasingly concerned about my people in corporate Nigeria as they navigate these COVID-19 times. True, the effect is reverberating globally but Naija dey fear person because there is practically no safety net, no government welfare to fall back on.

The startup scene is really in the eye of the storm at the moment. Even though some startups still raised millions of dollars recently, the ride hailing companies are battling both the fallout of new government legislation and the curfew. Then there’s Andela’s latest news…and so many other ripples that didn’t even make the headlines.

I know a lot…

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Canada so far…

So, I recently crossed the Atlantic into Canada — on an airplane oh , not on a boat :-) and even though I’ve been to neighbouring US a few times, this was my first time ever stepping foot in the land of the maple leaf. Here’s what I think of the country…of course my impressions are still evolving and may change or be reinforced over time. But from what I have seen so far:

Almost everyone is an immigrant.

There’s a sense of comfort you get from knowing most of the people you meet are just like…

The huge influx of venture capital investments in FinTech globally, particularly in China and even here in Nigeria seems to be pointing to a possible disruption of the traditional models of banking as we know it. In China, Internet giants have moved into financial services and gained considerable market share in e-commerce and third-party payments.

What is their USP? Fast, cost-efficient alternatives to traditional banking. Not only are these FinTech companies acquiring as many, if not more, clients than the top banks they are acquiring them in a much shorter space of time! …

We’re all still reeling from the shock of the Ethiopian Airlines crash just a few days ago. It’s such a sad, sad one…may the souls of Prof. Pius Adesanmi and all the156 people rest in perfect peace.

The circumstances of the crash are eerily similar to that of Lion Air which occurred less than 6 months ago; both pilots reportedly struggled with flight control before the aircrafts eventually crashed. Both aircrafts are Boeing 737 Max. Both were new.

While aviation authorities in multiple countries have banned the aircraft from flying in their airspaces after the sad Ethiopian Airlines incident, Boeing…

Modupe Ogunyemi

I’m a cocktail of: digital strategy, media & marketing, product management (I’m actually PMP certified), filmmaking (yes, I have produced a Nollywood movie)

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