How to Radically Change Your Life in Just 5 Minutes a Day
Elle Kaplan

Hi Elle, I am new to mindful meditation, as new as a week. My first few days' problem (which I cannot vouch I have completely overcome) was my wandering mind while I was meditating, my mind wandered off to ‘why my heart was broken again, what do I need to do to land a job, what pain is relocating from one city to another’. I started feeling guilty that I can’t be self aware & meditate for even 5 minutes at a stretch with absolute serenity & no thoughts what so ever. Having felt the guilt I started reading about the meditation including your write up & came in terms with the fact if I want to meditate well I also have have to leave the baggage of my judgement behind. It is only natural for the mind to wander, it’s somewhat designated to that as well. So my first lesson was to realise that my mind is wandering, accept it, not be judgemental about it & being aware of that fact, finally try & center myself again. This is my biggest learning in last week. Thought of sharing.

Thank you for writing this, it helped.