Hurricane Harvey as a Debt cover story?

Somewhere off-stage, today, congressional leaders are plotting about what to do for funding Fiscal Year 2018 (due-date: September 30, 2017). They won’t get it done by then, making the count 21-straight years of failure, and 2,226 days-late (and counting) as of October 1, 2017.

And the there’s that #FakeDebtCeiling. The one that’s not in the U.S. Code, ’cause there it only reads that we’re $14,294 billion in Debt. But OMB Historical Table 7.3 tells another story: $19,808.8 billion in debt. That’s $5,514.8 billion that’s missing, or off-the-books. What gives? It’s our dishonest Congress; and it was done with the active participation of Democrats and Republicans, and President Obama.

What do you suppose will happen “when” (???) this story gets out?

But the Big Question: Will Congress rush through something to clear up their “regular, on-going fiscal mess” (dishonesty) by stuffing those things into a hastily-passed Texas Disaster Recovery bill. Been-there/done-that, for Congress. But when this story, “Call The Question” (for-sale at Amazon), is finally reported by the media, even this “play” won’t save them.

But when will the media report this story? Perhaps just as Congress comes back from its August vacation. We’ll soon see. . . .