vs The Entrepreneur

Sam DuRegger
Feb 4, 2014 · 1 min read

The Man.
In order to fuel short-term profit gains,
The Man buries his workers in bureaucracy,
thereby stifling creative innovation.
He rewards compromise by issuing bonuses to those,
whose politics are shrewd and self-serving.

The Entrepreneur.
In order to fuel long-term equity growth,
an entrepreneur breathes life into a broken system,
thereby fueling initiative and imagination,
He rewards the risk-taker with responsibility,
empowerment reveals the untapped potential.


The Man fears innovation & undercuts leadership potential.
The Entrepreneur embraces imagination & gives opportunity to promise.

So. Which one are you?

Sam DuRegger

Written by

writer, thinker, builder & tinkerer. http://samduregger.com

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