My New Year Tech Resolutions

Ah, It’s that time of the year again. Your social feed is full of New year resolutions from all the people you know and don’t. Well, this is going to be another article like that but I plan on making it worth your time.

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The process of picking New year’s resolutions is quite complex and tiring. Especially when it didn’t quite work out previously. I have had several resolutions at the beginning of 2017, that didn’t pan out. Apart from the usual personal resolutions like “Go to the gym”, “Go out more” etc., which as you might expect didn’t work out, I had some technical goals as well. I wanted to get Java certified, Wanted to get involved in open source projects, blog more and make more YouTube videos. And they didn’t really work out either.

So I had enough reason to be skeptical for this year’s resolutions, but one thing I’ve realized this past year, more than ever before, is that I like when things are planned and organized. I’m the kind of guy who likes to weigh out options with pro’s and con’s, whenever there are choices. Usually it is a good quality to have, but sometimes becomes irritating, when I can’t make up my mind about what food I should order. So, I tried a little experiment by restricting my choices in some of the things I do, to either 1 or 2, and those things went perfectly. I didn’t need to decide anymore. My choices were fixed and I choose exactly that. Some might feel that it is just too much and too restrictive or too robotic, but that’s “Freedom” for me. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to plan every minute of my day like clockwork. I just want to time box myself so I get to the things I’ve to do, effectively and efficiently. I guess this can be considered Agile for my life!

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By taking out guessing from ordinary things, you free your mind to do more important things. Based on this, I have decided that my 2018’s resolutions have to focus on making my choices limited for any particular time so that I’ve nothing else to do, but this. Of course, that doesn’t really guarantee that I’ll actually do it, but since I am a tad O.C about adhering to schedules, there's a greater chance of me doing it than not. I'll take that gamble.

If you’ve stuck around till this point through all those ramblings, Thank you for taking an interest in this article and my goals. It’s only fair that I actually reveal my aims for 2018 now.

So, Here are my 2018 Tech resolutions:

  1. Complete and Release Delorean, my biggest personal object till date. It is close to completion now and I hope to be able to finish what I’ve in mind and release it
  2. Work on a Full Stack Dev project. I’ve been primarily a backend engineer till now and I think it’s about time I start growing towards becoming a Full Stack Developer. I have a couple of thoughts about this but once it becomes concrete, I’ll probably write an about that.
  3. Build a mobile app and publish on Play store/Apple store. I hope I can combine this somehow into the previous resolution to make something good in the end. So, Let’s see, how that works out.
  4. Build my Top coder profile. Right now, it is as non-existing as it can be. I don’t know at this point If I completely understand the Top coder platform and what it can mean to me as a developer, but I think this year is when that’s going to happen.
  5. Keep learning to become a Data Scientist. I’ve left this goal vague on purpose to accommodate all kinds of challenges I face at work or in my own projects. As part of the Data Analytics team at my current company, I am already inclined in this direction and I think this year we’ll be focussing on this a lot more.
  6. Complete One Coursera/Edx,… Course every two months. Well, why not? Knowledge never hurt anybody. And, these courses can be on Data science itself and I can knock out two birds with one stone.
  7. Write a blog article every week. I’m already planning to write one article every day until the third week of January for my twitter challenge. And, I am hoping to continue that spirit till the end of the year by writing one article every week after that.
  8. New YouTube video every weekend. This is something I’ve been trying to do for some time now and hopefully with this resolution, I can make that happen. Check out My YouTube channel, where I upload videos about technology, software and other things.
  9. Start a Podcast. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a couple of years now but never thought that I found my groove with the idea. But now, I think I’m comfortable enough now to start a podcast on Technology and Software Engineering.

These are the nine resolutions I have for 2018.

By now, If you’re wondering ‘why should I care?`, that comes back to the reason I’ve decided to write this article. Making plans like this just in your brain won’t do you any good. The only way somebody completes something like this is when they are held accountable. Whether its a fear of failing, the fear of social ridicule or in this case, even worse, online ridicule. By putting my goals online visible to everybody, I am making sure that I adhere to them and make myself accountable and also hinting my subconscious to take this challenge seriously. So, you should care because you’re helping me care about what I like to do and maybe I can help you care about your interests as well. That’s a Win-Win situation and everybody goes home happy!

I know that a lot of people tell you to keep your number of resolutions small and 9 probably isn’t that small, But I’m okay with this. And I think I can handle these with some dedication and motivation on my part. I am also planning to buy a whiteboard for my home to visualize this process better and to keep my priorities clearly organized. Hopefully, I can carry on this path as intended and complete these resolutions. Whatever happens, I did plan to blog about this journey every 2–3 months and you can see my progress. Wish me luck and I hope you’re successful with your New year’s resolutions.

And BTW, Wish you a jubilant New Year!

Happy New Year 2018

That is all for this article.

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