Publish Articles on Blogger in Just one Second

Setting up

easyblogger --blogid <yourblogid> get


$ easyblogger --help
usage: easyblogger [-h] [-i CLIENTID] [-s SECRET]
[--blogid BLOGID | --url URL]
{get,post,delete,update,file} ...
Easily manage posts on Blogger blogspositional arguments:
sub-command help
get list posts
post create a new post
delete delete a post
update update a post
file Figure out what to do from the input file
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i CLIENTID, --clientid CLIENTID
Your API Client id
-s SECRET, --secret SECRET
Your API Client secret
verbosity(log level) - default CRITICAL
--blogid BLOGID Your blog id
--url URL Your blog url

Fetch posts

easyblogger --blogid <blogid> get
easyblogger --blogid <blogid> get --labels programming --count 5
437344021642199000,Datasets in Apache Spark | Part 1,
226912361219823323,Tweeting with Python and Tweepy,
345235372397413038,How to recover from 'git reset --hard" | Git,
63494528537546270,Functions in C Programming | Part 1,
304802860468725657,Understanding Git Octopus Merge,
easyblogger.exe --blogid <blogid> get -p 437344021642199000 -d markdown

Publish posts

usage: easyblogger post [-h] [-t TITLE] [-l LABELS] [--publish]
(-c CONTENT | -f FILE)
[--filters FILTERS [FILTERS ...]]
[--format {commonmark,creole,docbook,docx,epub,gfm,haddock,html,json,latex,markdown,markdown_github,markdown_mmd,markdown_phpextra,markdown_strict,mediawiki,muse,native,odt,opml,org,rst,t2t,textile,tikiwiki,twiki,vimwiki}]
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-t TITLE, --title TITLE
Post title
-l LABELS, --labels LABELS
comma separated list of labels
--publish Publish to the blog [default: false]
-c CONTENT, --content CONTENT
Post content
-f FILE, --file FILE Post content - input file
--filters FILTERS [FILTERS ...]
pandoc filters
easyblogger.exe --blogid <blogid> post -t "Posted from CL using EasyBlogger" -l "blogging, easyblogger" --publish -f test.html

Updating a Post

easyblogger update -t 'A new title' -l "new,labels" 3295765957555899963

Deleting a Post

easyblogger delete 234546720561632959




Does a lot of coding

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Does a lot of coding

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