Digital Story- The Rough Ideas

For the general idea of my digital story, I’d like to focus on my life before coming to the U of M, while I’m here and what I strive to do. I will conclude this post with two possible ideas for this digital story project. To start out, I come from a supportive family who have encouraged me to do what ever I set my mind to. I do not consider myself at a disadvantage in any way. I come from a high school were many of my peers did not have the opportunities and resources I had. Many of whom are first generation college students and I praise them for their perseverance through high school to get where they are. I was given this opportunity to go to college because my parents worked long hours to help get me here. But nonetheless as a female I have seen my share of inequality.

Throughout high school I worked at a local pizza restaurant in the kitchen as a cook. I was the only female out of a staff of about 10. I learned the ranks and ways of the kitchen, working my way up the ladder. For the 2 years I was there I got one raise and made less than my male counter parts. Had I not asked for a raise, I probably wouldn’t have gotten one. I quit that job to go to school.

Now I’m in college and I hear more and more about girls not being apart of the science field. As a girl interested in science, hearing about these statistics is troubling and I would to go against the grain and be apart of science. I plan on pursuing a degree in science however I’m not sure on specifics. I’m going to gather data on this project through personal experiences, national statistics and possibly talk to other people who have felt the same way about girls in science.

If at all possible I would like to avoid playing any woman card with this project. I made another medium post before finding this prompt and I like the overall message better than blaming any potential barriers with my education on my gender. The message of my first medium post — although I’d like for any reader to take a glance at it — is my journey to over come the big first steps in life. If at all possible I would love to focus and adjust a story such as over coming personal draw backs than telling a story of female oppression. I don’t see oppression. I see someone not trying their best. If a woman is being paid less, fight for the raise. Don’t sit and complain that you’re earning less than a male counter part. You can only move forward by making advancements. That is the moral of my first medium post.

So for now I leave this post with two possible digital story ideas. It’s a matter of which seems more acceptable for the whole purpose of the digital story. I am still a little confused with some parts of the post 1 prompt like “write some initial research questions”

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