An unexpected idea from an expected journey!

My dear Frodo, you asked me once if I had told you everything there was to know about my adventures… No no no! This is not how my expected journey began!

It began as boring it can get.

I could feel the air blown over my face, as I reached over for blanket... Buzz!

My phone was ringing, I picked it up. “Have you left yet?”, asked my father. I replied in negative…

And this is how it began, my expected journey that led to an unexpected idea!

As I hurried inside the building, I could see hundreds of people standing in queues waiting for their turns. I quickly searched for my father among them. And there he was! Standing at the 8th place from the window. I walked to him. He was delighted to see me as I handed over his documents.

As I waited for my father, I reached out for the book I bought with me because all this waiting has become a normal thing especially after all those trips to this ever crowded place. I knew that it would take at least half hour just to move from 8th place to the office’s window.

So, I started reading this book I borrowed from my universities’ library titled “Entrepreneurship — The art of embracing the unknown”. The author using caterpillar’s metamorphosis as an example had explained beautifully:-

We just have to wrap ourselves in the blanket of faith, love, and protection, realizing that we, too, are part of much greater mission and destiny that is often beyond our comprehension.

As I put the book down for a moment, to think for a second, I could see many people staring at me, after all, this was not common. One reading a book was not something you expect to see especially in this crowded place and it is now as I made sense why everyone is staring at me the idea hit me…

The idea is that why not set-up a mobile library in this place or something of similar sorts. But the main idea is that it would allow people to borrow a book, magazine or any other publication to read while they are on the premises. The two implications that I can think of right now are:

A) It would help one pass the time.

B) The social implications for this would be huge, I literally mean it. This place could be the hub for knowledge exchange, and I know that I might be over-exaggerating but I’m still optimistic about this.

Concluding all this, I believe that this idea has potential and would have a great social impact. The more the number of people who have a reach to good books, the better for Pakistan!