Improving Focus and Concentration in the workplace

We wake up each day filled with aspirations for the new day. A look at the task for the day will suddenly seem overwhelming. At the end of the day, you realize the day is gone without achieving much.

I’m a software developer. I get to work early in order to finish up some tasks or prepare for the new day. The day starts with a standup call, where my team and I talk about what we achieved the previous day. By the time, we are finished with the rounds of call, it’s afternoon.

Moving to the task for the day. I am already feeling strained. What do I do?

I decide to take a 30 minutes break. I decide to do whatever I feel will help. Be it to watch a movie or take a walk. After the time elapse, I settle to work by managing my time with a time management app “Pomodoro”. I set the order of tasks and fix 10 minutes in between to relax. While working, I concentrate solely on work, mute all forms of distractions. I use the 10 minutes to catch up on discussions.

This process has been helpful in managing distractions and working effectively.

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