The wording we used here was not perfect. We’re sorry for creating any impression that this was anything more than a polite request
A discussion about the breaking of the Internet
Mike Roberts

When making polite requests, you would want to ensure that you word the requests politely. Saying stuff like bringing up lawyers while saying this is a polite request is being the“dick” that you claimed you were not trying to be. I am sorry but you may have won a small battle but IMO, you are the folks who don’t get it. You prioritized a brand and a trademark over building trust and being educational and the awesomeness that is open source.

In retrospect, your brand is worth money to you then you should have paid the guy what he asked for or negotiated with him. You are not legally obligated to. But by saying you stand for building trust and education and open source and pulling this off you just negated all that you said.

I am an open source developer and a user. I am smart enough to not be confused between kik the company and kik the npm package and I am totally okay with them not being a part of the same entity. You really think developers are that naive?

If you want to be the bigger person/org. Offer to give Azer his repo back and restore people’s faith in you by building trust. Azer may not want it back but the gesture might restore my faith in you and maybe some other open source developers too.

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