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My Development Toolset 2018 for iOS

Update: July 23, 2018.

Hello folks, I would like to update some of my toolset for 2018 that I use for iOS development tools, cloud service, websites, repos, libraries and some miscellaneous that I am still currently using.

This article will continue to be updated all year round. Some tools can be deleted, some others not. You can find some of the updates from my 2017 toolset and some new advice with the reasons behind.

Cloud Service

I use Macbook Pro 2015. It is fair enough but there is a problem with the compiling time. When I started my current job, I can not estimate project size and compiling time details. Also there is not another alternative such as iMac or Hackintosh for working faster with big projects. One day, while talking with my friends they asked me why I do not use cloud Apple hardware. It was a missing tool in my list that supports developers who don’t want to run development and testing in house. MacStadium services fit very well with developers, dedicated iOS build infrastructure quickly when they can’t afford to purchase hardware.

Also, they are about to roll out a program offering free dedicated Mac minis to open source developers!


  • This year, I would like to add FASTLANE to number one. I highly recommend scan, match and gym features.
  • Injection, dynamically inserts Swift / Objective-C code into a running app. It does this without making any changes to your project. You can also use with AppCode.
  • Cacher is the code snippet organizer for professional developers. You manage your Gist snippets.
  • I recommended GitKraken for GIT use in 2017. I had good reasons for that such as GitFlow can be added automatically by GitKraken. Also, they have gitlab support. GitKraken came a long way. But when starting a huge project such as compiling time 15 minutes and there are 142802 total codes in the project, SourceTree is my new favorite GIT GUI since November 2017.
  • For following issues Gitscout is still good tools, if you wanna use GUI.
  • KeepingYouAwake is a small menu bar utility for macOS that can prevent your Mac from entering sleep mode for a predefined duration or as long as it is activated.
  • There is an amazing tool for following all your repos and notifications: Gitee. It is a status bar application for Github.
  • Build Time Analyzer is a macOS app that shows you a breakdown of Swift build times of your project. It is very important for time saving of your project. Even if your project compile time over the 15 minutes.
  • WatchDog is automatically cleaning up DerivedData for yourself without quitting Xcode or restarting macOS.
  • Cakebrew manages Homebrew with GUI interface.
  • Liya can access MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3 using one single interface.
  • Checker you can find circular dependencies in your Swift project.
  • Quiver is a snippets manager and notebook for saving notes, code or file. For 5 years I have been using snippets. I have supported them by adding Swift. But now it is time to change something.
  • With Oh My Zsh your terminal will have eyes and brain.
  • Want to read later, put it in Pocket. Don’t forget to install safari and/or chrome extension. But one more thing is LINER.
  • Need to minify your image, use Squash. Free and better solution is guetzli.
  • Interactive layout testing or to check that all screens RevealApp.
  • SizeUp resize and position your windows with shortcuts
  • BitBar puts the output from any script in the Mac OS X menu bar. More importantly, you can add whatever you need such as Average Review, Application status or version. Don’t forget to check dev plugin.
  • I am using code snippets. But if I need to remember which code snippets used and when? Paste for clipboard manager.
  • Gitsome is a awesome Git/GitHub command line interface by terminal.
  • Easy APNs Provider best push notification testing tool.
  • Houston is a simple gem for sending Apple Push Notifications.
  • Bee is a full-featured JIRA client, JIRA Agile client, GitHub Issues client, FogBugz client and a Markdown editor.
  • Charles is a life saver. You can use with simulator & device so compare API result on your macbook. Last year I did not use this tool too much but this year I use a lot. Also I recommend to use iOS version.
  • OpenSim is an open source alternative to SimPholders, written in Swift.


  • I assume you know Sketch. But Zeplin is a huge time saver for dev and design team. But there is a problem and I sent them an email. There is no multiple account support. You can just login with one account.
  • But even if you need to compare dynamically design and app with the simulator, you can use Flawless.

If you ask me are you using both, I can say no. Flawless saves my life and time if there is an argument between design team and dev team. Flawless is supportive for community. I believe, they deserve the support of using their product.

  • Reduce compress our heavy Sketch files.
  • Sketch Cache Cleaner help to delete hidden Sketch history files that can take a lot of space on your hard drive.
  • Abstract is a version-controlled hub for your Sketch files.


If you really have time to listen podcast this is my favorite Mac app PodcastMenu . There is an awesome podcast list in GitHub for iOS.

Libraries & Repo

  • SnapKit is a Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X
  • EasyTipView is a fully customizable tooltip view in Swift for iOS. If you work with form design or if you need small tip library this is a very good solution.
  • Install and update your Xcodes by xcode-install
  • dark-mode Control the macOS dark mode from the command-line
  • gitignore A collection of useful .gitignore templates
  • GitHawk A GitHub project manager app for iOS
  • Marketing-for-Engineers is a curated collection of marketing articles & tools to grow your product.
  • open-source-ios-apps is collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps
  • If I need fake data for my project I can recommend Fakery
  • LocalizationKit Dynamic localization translation delivery system for iOS and Mac OSX in Swift.
  • Armchair is a simple yet powerful App Review Manager for iOS and Mac OSX written in Swift.
  • Siren checks installed version of iOS apps and notifies users when a new version published.
  • Bohr allows us to setup settings screen.
  • SwiftyJSON is captain of JSON parsing. If you experience a problem check Kitura version. Also with Alamofire they are perfect team.
  • CocoaLumberjack is logging for Mac and iOS.


  • iOS Dev Directory is my favorite web site you can easily access all developers’ blog in one point.
  • Find which company used SDKs and services on iOS mobile apps with AppSight
  • iOS libraries collection written by Swift iOSCookies
  • Tips and techniques for iOS and Mac littlebitesofcocoa
  • Discover 🔎 205+ 🔥 awesome conferences around the 🌍 world:


  • List of my most used commands and shortcuts in the terminal for Mac
  • List of shortcuts in Xcode
  • A public list of APIs from around the web.
  • Best font library for iOS.
  • Mockable is a simple configurable service to mock out RESTful API or SOAP web-services. Reply with static or dynamic JSON or XML Payload. Previously I was using Gist.


  • AppCode is very nice for code editing, it is excellent and has all the refactoring options we need, but it’s still dependent on Xcode and it’s not free.
  • My favorite second editor is Atom. Teletype provides new opportunity for pair programming remotely.

That’s it. 😃😃😃 Thanks for reading. I hope all these tools will help you to improve your productivity.

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