Today people live too fast and they forget about the most important thing…

I received many messages from people who want to start working out, eating healthy and improve their life quality. But, there is always something that is stopping them to finally make that step. In most cases, that is lack of time.

You need to invest time in your body, health and shape, like in everything else in life if you want to be successful. OK, there are ads on TV and magazines that offer you many pills and shakes for weight loss without need to workout and eat right. Forget about that, really. That is not possible, don’t be naive. Now, we only need to find enough time for us with so many obligations in life. I will try to give you some instructions how to organize your day and start your fitness journey.

The majority of people go to work, college, school or something else. This is a priority for everyone. For that, we spend approximately 8 hours. Other 8 hours are for sleeping. And, there is 8 more hours of free time, but this is in most cases much shorter period because of many small time consuming obligations during the day. It is completely understandable that you want to use that time to rest, go out for a drink, enjoy with friends, family, watch movies and so on. How to manage to think about gym, food quality, avoiding sugar, alcohol and preparing meals?

At the end, people accept the fact that they are obese, thin, and that they will never change their look and habits. They admire the ones who take care of their body, but without trying to do that by themselves. Lack of time and patience are most popular excuses. But, this doesn’t have to be the case, you just need to use your brain and organize your life in right way.

There are hundreds of inconvenient situations you will be placed at. It will look like there is no possibility to find time for working out and eating properly. Use these guidelines because they can help you find the solution.

· The solution always exists. That’s the fact, and you know it. But, you have to reach it. Sit down, take the paper and pencil and try to do that. Think carefully and analyze how you spend your time. What are your priorities, and are you wasting time on something not so important? Talk to other people, contact someone for help, struggle as long as you can. With this kind of approach, the solution will appear definitely, maybe even when you least expect it.

· No one can convince you to do something you don’t like, especially if you need to invest your precious free time in it. That’s why you need to fall in love with this process. You have to choose the type of workout that is most interesting and challenging to you. You must enjoy pushing yourself forward, and be the best you can. If you don’t feel this way, it’s not good, you must change something. Make changes until you find the right activity.

· Go to gym with your friends, family. Let that replace going out for a beer. You are going to feel much better, no doubt.

· Many people believe that healthy food is boring and not tasty. These are only prejudices. There are so many healthy meals that you don’t have time to try them all for the rest of your life. Educate about nutrition and use your imagination. You will be surprised with results.

· It is not necessary to prepare every meal separately and lose too much time. You just need to plan ahead and bring your meals with you, wherever you go (school, job, college). And when the time comes, you just open the box and eat it. It can not be more simple than that.

· One of the biggest problems is that people don’t want change strong enough. They are not aware how fitness lifestyle will make them happier and more productive. This is the prerequisite for previous items to be fulfilled. You are good now, you drink beer, smoke, you are not physically active, no medical problems are occurring and why would you think about your abs, strength and endurance. One day you will regret, trust me. I heard “I wish I have started this earlier” so many times.

Let’s sum up. If you want something, you will find the way to do it. No matter how hard it seems. Maybe sometimes you will not be 100% committed, but that is not the problem. If you push hard in tough times, in better conditions you will be unstoppable. Just give your best every day. If you choose right type of workout and you have someone more experienced by yourself to adequately dose your training and nutrition, the results will be there very soon. Since that moment, you officially become fitness addict. New goals will be set and achieved every few months, and your self-esteem, mood and motivation will be much better.