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Min buy 0.05 BNB (2000 EBit)
Max buy 10 BNB (4,000,00 EBit)

(Please Connect to Binance Smart Chain first.)

Pre-sale tokens is 250,000,000 EBIT
🔥 Listing Price 1 EBIT = 0.14$
The PriceSale can end at any time if the tokens allocated for the PriceSale are depleted. You don’t have to worry about the term of the AirDrop, because PriceSale tokens can run out at any secondа.


DUSD NETWORK Update On EBIT Ecosystem

DUSD2.0 global update includes a lot of changes

Our goal is to become the most reliable token in the world, and enter the top 10 of CoinMarketCup

  • Complete rejection of DUSD2.0. Updated token, with a different contract protection, and a reliable investment system.
  • Compensation to all DUSD investors by the list in the form of EBIT token.
  • The token is equipped with a modern security system that works in a completely different way. This decision will ensure the safety of our investors. Will allow the team not to worry about protection, but to focus on the renewal of the token, thanks to which EBIT will include a lot of applications that provide support for the price of the EBIT token.

Global Roadmap, ecosystem transition to DUSD2.0 (EBIT)

The global goal of the DUSD2.0 project is the EBIT token, to completely abandon the DUSD token, to burn the rest of the token. And from scratch, raising DUSD2.0 is more reliable and stable. After full activation of the eco-system, start the “fast transaction” protocol. Compensation of DUSD, old investors, will be made according to the list. The list does not include rewards from the old DUSD staking, due to its not working correctly.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Road Map Phase 2

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Road Map Phase 3

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

Part 14

Part 15

Road Map Phase Comming Soon…

EUROBIT Tokenomics

Distribution of tokens between holders and exchanges

Top Questions and Answers of the EUROBIT Ecosystem

How to participate in the airdrop?

  • 01)🔸Simply visit trustwallet.com and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the de-fi market. (Remember to never share your seed phrase).
  • 02) 🔸Purchase BEP20 BNB to fund your Trust Wallet or Meta Mask wallet.
  • 03)🔸Copy the airdrop page, go to the trust wallet in the browser section, paste the link into the browser change the network to binance Smart Chain, pay the minimum transaction fee, and get 2,00 free EBIT tokens. Token name: EBIT.
  • 04)🔸Decimals: 18 Contract: 0x259c448a653942811ba0310da258c6b5121a0693 LISTING PRICE: 1 EBIT = 0,14 USD
  • 05)🔸 Referral get 20% by claim

When DUSD Investors Get Compensated

  • DUSD Network investors to receive compensation after the end of the AirDrop, before the EBIT is traded on the exchange

When will the EUROSTAKE decentralized project launch?

💰 The EUTOSTAKE project will launch immediately after the listing of the coin, in CoinMarketCup. Investors will be able to invest their EBIT tokens at 6.6% daily for up to 30 days, and in case of invitation of referrals 18%. After the end of your deposit, the amount of your daily claims will be 2 times more than your deposit.

When will EUROSWAP child projects start?

💰 After the successful implementation of the EUROSTAKE project. Our team will start creating decentralized EUROBIT child projects such as EUROPY(International Affiliate Program) EUROSWAP(International Exchange), EUROFARM(PancakeSwapa clone, with lower fees) EUROWORK(Decentralized Online Freelancing).

How to make sure that the project is safe?

  • 🤵The functionality of our decentralized contract is transparent and open source. The site has been officially audited with the audit service “Gaudit”. You can explore by clicking on the icon below, Also, an additional safety net has been added to the project in the form of support from third-party resources, to maintain the balance of investors and a comfortable claim.

How many tokens are reserved for further development of the EBIT token?

🚀 Of the total supply, 8% will be reserved for the further development of the token. Also, the Development Team receives 5% from each child application of the ecosystem, for further development of the token.

When will the listing in decentralized exchanges?

  • The final listing on the decentralized exchanges pancakeSwap dYdX and BiSWAP can happen at any time. This procedure directly depends on the speed of the AirDrop, as well as the pre-sale

EBIT token main trailer.




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