Rewired brains

I see more and more people using smart phones. I see people using their smartphones more and more. Are we aware what is happing to us?

We now know that our brains are rewired every time we use a phone to search or surf or multitask. As we try to reclaim our concentration, we are literally at war with ourselves. Yet, no matter how difficult, it is time to look again towards the virtues of solitude, deliberateness, and living fully in the moment. We have agreed to an experiment in which we are the human subjects.
 — Sherry Turkle : Alone Together

I have been a father for past eight years. Now I am a father of three. I see how my children grow up in the age of technology. I see how easy it is for these digital natives to pick a piece of tech and figure out how to use it. I also see how emotionally attached to these devices they have become.

Are these signs of tech addiction?

Why is it so hard for us parents to take a time of the net and spend time with our children? Off the grid.

We deserve better. When we remind ourselves that it is we who decide how to keep technology busy, we shall have better.
 — Sherry Turkle : Alone Together
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