Thoughts on continuous self-improvement

Software engineering is a field that requires constant learning. We need to keep up with the technology, programming languages, frameworks, techniques and practices.

If we aim to produce high quality output (product, application, code, tests, etc.) we invest a lot of time and effort in continuous self-improvement. It’s only by practice that we can always be improving our skills.

How can we improve our skills? We can do things repeatedly and we will get better at them. Repetition makes perfect, right? However, doing something wrong a thousand times does not make it better. We must strive to learn more about our craft. We must find better, more efficient ways.

I find it very useful to make an education plan, a plan that I can follow. Do you want to learn something new? Pick up a book, read it and practice your new skill as you go. Only through learning you can expand your skills, and through practice you can learn new things.

Doing and learning will help you to do a better job. Never be happy with good enough. Always strive to become a better version of yourself.