I am a USMC Veteran Spouse who lost her husband on March 5th to suicide in front of me and our…

I am a USMC Veteran Spouse who lost her husband on March 5th to suicide in front of me and our furry kids. I have since been diagnosed with Chronic PTSD, Depressio, Anxiety. Right now besides grieving his death, I have also been served with a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. I have been thru all the resources looking for help but no one seems to be able to help me and I have No Where to go. I have a brother but they can’t take me in and I’m scared because I have no where to go. I’m waiting for the GOV to give me my benefits, its hard to leave the house and be around people or anyone. I am truly suffering my husband’s death and keep wondering WHY, WHY did he do it for. At least 23 Veterans die by suicide each day, but the VA nor the Gov care about us Widow Spouses and that has to change. I am asking from the bottom of my heart for help and to spread the word on my campaign. Jason was my life. We were together 13 years and no matter what I never left him and never would have like others do. You don’t realize what they have been thru. They are judged and condemned but remember, they went to save your life and give you freedom. My husband served during 911. He was in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. He did the things that many of you would NEVER do. He was My Hero and now he is gone. I Miss and Love him so very much. I am also asking again for you to PLEASE open your heart and help me so I don’t become homeless.

Originally published at medium.com.

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