This is what my user stories look like
Heddy Stern

Thanks for the insight, Heddy. I like the idea of using the persona’s name versus just the user role. I can see how that can potentially generate more empathy. I also like the use of When and Then in the story, and will be using that.

Additionally, the errors and edge cases were something I’d try to get in, too; sometimes only because development would inquire about them while they were building it stating it needed to be determined right then and there, so we’d hack something together that was often unsatisfactory. Moving forward, I will try to put them in separate stories.

For your story title, however, wouldn’t it be just as effective by writing, “Mike can filter flight results by departure time”, and leave the rest to the description and mocks? Not bashing your style at all, just looking to improve and validate my own approach. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge!