For a roommate who just moved out…

How long did we share a room again?

About 4 months. That’s right.

From my earlier bitter experiences, I had begun believing that roommates could never be friends.

I had had some real bad experiences with roommates before. And maybe that’s the reason.

And as I went from one bad roommate to another, that thought turned into conviction.

But you. You were just right.

Your thirst for learning new things.

Your burning desire to turn life into an endless adventure.

Your innocence. That occasional cute and funny kiddie voice of yours.

Your tears at the plight of others.

Your why’s and why not’s.

Those old cartoons and shows we watched together. Those songs from our teenage days we still loved humming at times.

Those moments of pain and heartbreak we could tell each other about.

Oh, we were so alike. You’d become a sister I wanted to protect. A friend I could confide in. A girl I could share not just my room with, but also my dreams and goals.

I wish you all the best. I know you’ll be happier where you are now. But, I am going to miss you. Maybe I am not one to be vocal much about emotions . So I could not say any of this to you this morning, as you left.

But I am going to miss you.

Will you miss me too?

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