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Dave Winer ☮

You frame the problem as technical. But is it? If ‘everyone’s on Facebook’ then surely the question to ask is why? And because ‘everyone’s on Facebook’, does that mean you and I also need to be in there to avoid feeling left out? Surely a bigger problem is for Facebook to become the WWW. And doesn’t your technical solution promote that scenario?

On the other hand, if the problem you are articulating is psychological (as in you feel left out) or financial (as in no one is reading your news or blog posts) then surely the solution is to coax people out of their gated community into a wider world.

But both of us know that ain’t gonna happen. Why? Because Facebook is safe and chummy much like the crowd hanging round after a church service all feeling special and connected and blessed.

So if it ain’t gonna happen what’s to do? My solution is to walk my own path. My solution is solitude. I blog and I tweet in the full knowledge that mostly no one cares what I write or think. But that’s OK, I believe. Because in the end writing helps me clarify stuff for myself, and my sense is that clarity in one or two citizens of Earth shapes consciousness in invisible and immeasurable ways. I don’t believe in crowds.