Remember that movie when all hope was lost?

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Han Solo was trapped in carbonite.

Vader had found and destroyed the rebel base on Hoth.

Yoda was dying and Obi-Wan was barely a ghost.

Luke wasn’t ready to be a Jedi yet.

The Empire was building a new Death Star even more powerful than the last one.

Princess Leia was wearing an uncomfortable metal bikini while being literally chained to a disgusting, violent, misogynist slug.

So how then, with the situation so dire, did the rebels prevail?

Some people stood up and lead from the front. That’s what we need right now.

Princess Fucking Leia Organa

Princess, no General Leia Organa didn’t argue with other rebels. Leia fucking stayed in the rebel base on Hoth until Vader was basically at the door. Leia was only chained to that slug because she was on a mission to rescue her friend Han Solo. Leia volunteered for a dangerous near-suicide-yet-critical mission to the moon of Endor. Leia built a coalition with the local population to fight against the evil Empire.

So next time you’re about to criticize somebody who’s on your side but has a different opinion. Next time you’re about to talk down to somebody from the other side. Next time you’re thinking that it’s all too much, that the fight is lost, that there is no hope. Think to yourself,

What would Leia do?