The Real Reason You Can’t Understand Why Black Americans Are Furious
Clay Rivers

Racism is a Dysfunctional

it is not a Race Issue

I have said like this about racism people who are racist do not even have the clue of their action I call it a In balanced chemical it’s not even a race issue it is straight up a dysfunctional and the worst part about that is people of racism problems do not even seek for help they feel because it is their freedom to hate anything or to have any differences of anything it is their freedom to tell you the truth they do not like their on race they do not even know what they love lesson only what they hate racism is just a dysfunctional we black people need to consider to be thankful that we are not dysfunctional in this area of life we are very normal to speak up yes but to take it personal is dysfunctional as well I’m speaking to you my black people get through it endure it and be content of your race over the spilled milk that was wasted it is not our job to get rid of it it is not our battle it is not our revenge it is not our fight it is not right or wrong that matters it is not white or black it is not racism it is I repeat a dysfunctional so black people be thankful that we did not teach this nor were we taught this way just be about black if you’re black and the breath of life yes we all end up being the same humans discussion ended racism is also just a petition like anything else and that’s the way we black have to view it blacks wake up to the real truth racism a man made program of the mind we blacks have to not continue to be programmed of our minds away from our own blackness get over what happen in slavery time it’s time for us to block out ignorant subjects and awaken to the now racism will never change the color of our skin so let’s move pass the nonsense that has nothing to do with blackness if anything we black people should get out of so called racism is the joy of being black .

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