Boosting the Signal: This (Cultural Production) Shit Ain’t Free

I wish I could do more. But I can write a little bit. So I’m writing to boost the signal for a friend of my who could use some help.

My friend makes so many contributions to the culture — be it Black Culture, Nerd Culture, Black Feminist Culture and more.

She amplifies the voices of other POC on her fire-ass Twitter feed. She produces her own radio show on Mixcloud, where she showcases music from Black women artists across the Diaspora. She writes a complex, Black woman sci-fi heroine in her space opera, The Raven Moody Chronicles, which she features on her WordPress site. This story’s featured alongside thoughtful essays about Lauryn Hill, Black women in film and TV, and Afrofuturism.

Of course, the friend I’m talking about is Inda Lauryn. She’s really awesome and needs to be reminded of it more often.

She also needs your support to continue these creative endeavors. If you can, please donate to Inda’s Patreon or her PayPal at conceding2kismet AT Gmail DOT Com. Buy her noir story, Compromised on Amazon. If you can’t donate, please spread the word, boost this signal. Show Inda you appreciate all of her wonderful contributions.

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Originally published at on March 3, 2016.