To Own Thyself Is to Be True
Savannah J. Frierson

I’d like to see Black trans women represented in Beyonce’s art too. Black womanhood is so full, so rich. There’s room for all — fat, differently abled, trans, and queer — to sit at the table.

Prince making his music — one of the few things he valued most in this world — to a then fledgling Black-owned business is huge. Even from the afterlife, Prince stays pro-Black AF.

There is an audience for your work, a sizeable one, too. It’s the same audience that wanted to see Abbie Mills be loved and cared for on-screen. Women of all backgrounds watched SH and hoped that the writers would finally see sense and give Abbie and the audience what we all needed.

I’ll stop rambling here. Thank you for writing this essay. I hope you’ll pursue more of Prince’s music. There are so many gems to discover. 😃