Thoughts on BBC’s The Night Manager So Far

I’m not the most patient person ever. I’m even more impatient when it comes to my Hiddles fix. So when The Night Manager mini-series began to air in the UK, I scoured something that rhymes with the “wark deb” to watch the show in real-time. So far, it’s been worth all the chicanery and IP masking. Frankly, I’m obsessed with this series.

Why has it been worth it you ask? Well, I’ll tell you, dear reader. First, there’s Hiddles, looking fine as a pasty, white Englishman can. His voice is low, and smooth enough to please the ear and make your thighs tremble. His hands continue to be two large, well-manicured objects of beauty and naughty thoughts.

Second, there’s Hiddles as a Spy. You may not know this about me, but I’m a sucker for stories with political intrigue and spy stories are full of the stuff. Hiddleston plays a character called Jonathan Pine, ex-Army, son of a soldier, “English to the core”. After serving in the Iraq War, he’s found employment as the night manager at the Nefertiti Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine. (C) The Ink Factory — Photographer: Des Willie

In Episode One, we watch a hopeful, vulnerable Pine grow disillusioned. He quickly experiences love and then loss. He finally considers getting revenge on the person he blames for said loss — Richard “worst man in the world” Roper (played by Hugh Laurie).

Hiddleston and Laurie. (C) The Ink Factory — Photographer: Mitch Jenkins

Episode Two started off wrong for me. You know how a lot of Black women on Tumblr hate seeing Nicki Minaj or Beyonce lyrics used over gifsets of white women TV characters? Well, hearing Nina Simone’s music used to provide the inner thoughts of a white woman made me feel the same way. Frankly , it irked the hell out of me. Watching her slip on lacy panties over her flat ass while Nina crooned was eye-roll inducing. I realize that the show and story want me to empathize with Jed (played by Elizabeth Debecki). But after the majesty that was Sophie Alekan (masterfully played by Aure Atika) and this Nina faux-pas, I know it’s never going to happen.

Aure Atika (Sophie Alekan)

Most Hiddlestoners are loving the new, hard-man Jack Lyndon/Thomas Quince. I miss Jonathan Pine. I’d rather have the vulnerable Jonathan Pine who loved Sophie so sweetly and felt physically ill upon meeting Richard Roper for the first time.

Part of him still remains in these new aliases. Whatever the name, the man is still ruled by the women in his life. Burr is the mother figure that I suppose he never had as a child (according to people who read the books). In the two episodes, I’ve seen (repeatedly), he’s drawn to mums and mistresses.

Hannah Steele as Marilyn and Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine/Jack Lyndon in The Night Manager. (c) BBCOne

“I Googled you.” Worst/Best pick up line ever. Worst because it was so obvious and awkward. Best because it got Marilyn (played by Hannah Steele) what she wanted — a bit of ‘up country’ in her. She was stopping by for another dick appointment when she found an empty, bloody kitchen. Jack Lyndon was gone. I don’t think he ever asked her for her name.

Now, Thomas Quince has wormed his way into the Roper Compound. How much more of himself will he lose to get Roper? Four more episodes to find out.

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Originally published at on March 2, 2016.