An apology for a poorly thought out rant…

Again, to Danna Colman, H. Nemesis Nyx, Heather Nann, Sarah Williams, alto, and jaden violet

I am sorry for that poorly thought out rant and call out from earlier. I have deleted it.

I just want people to get along. If Jesus drank with the gentiles, the tax collectors and the sinners, then we should all pay attention to the lesson here.

Be inclusive of those who differ from you, hold other opinions and even people that consider you their enemy. Be hospitable to these people. Make that special space available to them, not because you want to change them necessarily but because you want to give them that space where they can safely decide to change themselves.

Shortly after posting that previous story, I realized I just did the exact fucking opposite! I started calling people out, attacking them, hardly being hospitable.

I care about each and every one of you and I want this very publication to be that safe hospitable space where we can all put everything in the open. We can choose to embrace one another and apologize, or not. Apologies are not important.

Forgiveness though is more than welcome here. Let the comments section here be a place for Forgiveness.

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