We need a moral foundation if we’re ever going to become strong enough to make a government that works for everybody
Appreciating the Difference Between What’s Rational and What’s Right
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

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Moral bankruptcy is literally at the heart of all of our problems as a nation and frankly a world. As a Christian I cringe at the politicization of a religion when I hear others state that this country is failing because we have lost God, however it is true but not for the reasons they mostly believe. It isn’t because of gay marriage and condoms being distributed in school, it is because we forget that Jesus had a message of love and charity. We are failing because we celebrate greed and herald the joys and salvation of being insanely wealthy. Because we let 1 in 4 children grow up in poverty unable to know if they will eat that day. Because we accept hatred, racism, lying, and bribery in our leaders. We get the leaders that represent the qualities we hold as a society, a society that spits on their neighbor in his time of need.

Another good example of rationality versus rightness is a CEO making a rational short term decision to layoff hundreds of IT staff and replace them with far cheaper but more importantly easily controllable indentured servants on H1B visas. That may be the rational choice if all you are told to care about is next quarters profitability, but this is at the cost of being morally sound as this blatantly is in violation to the spirit and purpose of the law as it was intended. Our government is not right for not enforcing this law better.

Capitalism favors the rational actor but a healthy society functions where moral decisions beat rational ones. We killed God and replaced him with the golden calf called Capitalism.

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