So Holly Wood banned me. Does interactivity have such a high cost in 2016?
Andrei Draganescu

Could it be your dismantling of her article on rationality? Not sure, I would rather stay the fuck out of it. It’s between you, her and God at this point.

Sometimes we find a person that resonates and makes so much sense with us, someone that shares deep and intimate stories to where we think we know them. We follow them. It’s easy to get a little bit of an Internet Crush sometimes because of the written charisma. That would be easy to happen if you follow Holly Wood .

I just tell myself that it doesn’t matter and these people aren’t real. She is just a virtual representation of a real person. She might as well be a ghost. She only shows what she wants to show about herself. You and I don’t really know her at all, we almost assuredly never will.

Behind all of these writings and musings is a real person that has real traits and real human flaws too. She has her reasons and they are hers alone.

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