You aren’t born with the label you gave yourself. And you can free yourself of it any time you like.
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H. Nemesis Nyx

Excellent writeup.

If a group of people got together and discussed their inexplicable urges to violently or forcibly rape women and how they should be identified as a sexuality and not stigmatized, then this is the same thing.

No… what am I saying… this is still not as bad, because if they have these sexual desires then the guarantee that there exist pornography of it is assured. In the case of rape, a women can consent to a rape fantasy video.

Children cannot consent to sex or depictions of sex for consumption.


Accepting of pornography depicting children is supporting child sex abuse that Mr. Wiggin here purportedly is against, therefore the only conclusion is then that he is proclaiming a sexuality with no valid or acceptable forms of sexual expression.

This leaves the only welcome safe place for open discussion and support of one who fantasizes about molesting children, and will not engage in pornography depicting this as it encourages further sexual abuse, is to be ones therapist office.

This sounds more to me like a mental disease one wpuld treat than an accepted sexuality.