Cultural export and identity politics
Andrei Draganescu

Funny you touch on The Duopoly, conspiracy theories, and American imperialism. I have recently been reflecting on a chap that used to write heavily on Quora a counter-history to whst is typically taught Americans in our Modern History classes. He was not a terribly personable fellow but seemed very motivated to spread this frankly conspiratorial history about the History of Russia and the Soviet Union. He wrote on other topics as well like the torture and coups encouraged by the US in South America as well as the evils of Zionist Jews in Israel as well as the victimhood of the Palestinians, topics which I agree with to an extent however he painted a far less believable extreme thst I could not reconcile.

Thr most bizarre of his histories were the victimhood of Communism and Modern Russia. He painted a picture of the Maniacal US and its allies secretly supporting Hitler and helping create Nazism as a means to get Germany to overthrow the Bolshevieks. Underhanded trade embargoes and restrictions that saught to bankrupt and starve Russia and its pre WWII goals of industrial modernization. He wrote about Stalin not being crazy and paranoid and that he was rightfully eliminating White Russians who we funded in secret shadow campaigns to stir dissent, all for the single minded goal of preventing the working class in the Western world from ever believing that Communism was ever possible as a means to the fair enrichment of all people as it would eliminate their powerful stranglehold on our lives.

I challenged him and his ideas often, how could our histories not show this? How could such a covert and complicated effort span over 100 years with minimum recognition? It wasnt that I didnt think there were shreds of truth to what he was saying, but the whole thing screamed of conspiracy.

In fact recently I read an article that stated Russian operatives are attempting to spread disinformation in our social media and internet forums. That screamed like a conspiracy theory too but it did make me wonder about thst one guy.

The bottom line is, I dont know what to believe anymore, and I think that is the ultimate goal for the thinking man right? Spread so much disinformation that thinking peoples thirsty for the truth can no longer tell the difference between drinking water in a desert oasis and drinking sand from a mirage.

Anyway since you grew up under Russian rule, I am sure your unique persepctive is valuable here as well.

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