Truth be told, I think that he’s a bright kid that has the potential to do big things some day,
Deeper Than a Scar
Lexi Maze


Thats part of the problem of victim blaming in this sense. A person with potential to maybe get into a good school, graduate with good grades, find a good job… it all hinges on basically not fucking up even once because there are the Tiger Parents of ten thousand equally bright and promising kids willing to maul every obstacle in their way including victims of their childrens misguided deeds just to get that ONE shot.

There is no such thing as 6 months community service and a misdemeanor. Society always comes with a lifetime punishment, a thousand windows of opportunity shutting themselves to you; a scar. So much for getting into Stanford. Kiss a future in the Finance industry away.

Students and parents carry the pressure of this enormous fear that they and their own will do something stupid and criminal, as teenagers are apt to do, and that all of their hopes and dreams will be over. This fear causes the backlash against reporting crimes, victim harassment, justice being done, all rooted in the general scarcity in supply of opportunity compared to the overwhelming demand by children and their parents that they will not struggle in subsistence. This Fear being shared by most others in your school makes them more sympathetic to the perpetrator of violence than the victim of it, so they attack you as the threat.

Look at India for a prime example of what happens when such factors occur. Parents scaling walls of testing centers to help their children cheat on exams, epidemics of bribery in all things government and daily life, rape epidemcis and the outright punishment of women whom are victims that speak up, social outcasting, daily abortions of justice that should make your skin crawl.

We need to fix this broken aspect of society to ensure that your story is not common anymore.

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