Hanlon’s Razor and the Infuriating H-1B Visa System
Ryan Shmeizer

Hanlon can bite me. There is overwhelming evidence that millions of dollars are spent lobbying and donated to candidates by groups backed by the Facebooks and Cognizants of this world. These lobbying groups even write the bills for congressmen to introduce, often without reading more than the abstract. It seems clearly obvious that the crafting of such blatant loopholes is COMPLETELY INTENTIONAL.

Let’s live in a fantasy world where we assume these very bright sociopathic people ignorantly made a mistake. It is not as if they are not aware it is currently being abused right now. Every Disney, and Abbott Labs event in the news is brought to the floor by a handful of congressmen that still actually care and passed a grade school civics course.

There inaction and inability to try and fix this makes them just as culpable as if they intended to do this in the first place for their puppet master overlords.

This whole thing has malice written all over it, and it is all more than adequately explained.

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