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I am not saying all puppy love is vapor, I was begging the question for those of us cynical old bastards that are trying to understand what the hell it all meant to us when we were living it.

I had an idea like many at that time, what a perfect soul mate would be so that when I fell madly in love with my high school sweetheart, her normal foibles of being a dysfunctional teenage girl trying to figure life out and who she really was was grossly out of sync with who I really wished that she was. She had flaws and crap… she was dare I say, too human. How terrifying. I wasnt ready for that. Way too immature.

I realized that my romantic disappointment was because I didnt love the person with all of her flaws but the idea of what my perfect mate would be (that hilariously was out of sync with the type of person I actually needed!)

I never said puppy love wasnt love though.

I guess you called me out on something after all, I am projecting my experiences onto a class of people. You happen to be as well. You project that young people look for the fast and furious and that is also a generalization, it was not true for me.