So here’s what I find nuts about this post:
H. Nemesis Nyx

I am sorry but I just don’t see why it is so bizarre to work with your enemies if you have common ground on some issues. In many parliamentary systems this is the modus operandi where there are sometimes 4 or more parties in power, nobody has a clear majority so forming consensus on certain issues is the only way to get things done. Americans have a hard time understanding this.

Secondly, Obama got done exactly what a Neoconservative Centrist would get done. His crowning achievement, the ACA is a Republican market based bill. Republicans and Neoconservatives literally got EVERYTHING they ever wanted for the last 35 years. The Republicans acting like babies and checking out when Obama came to power is just political appeasement to their racist constituents and nothing more.

If you look at everything as objectively as possible, how crazy or out of touch is Caitlin Johnstone really? 35 years of unchallenged Neoconservative policies. Endless wars. 75+ years of our intelligence community proven to have lied to us in numerous occasions and overthrowing and subverting socialist countries in South America and across the world. Nobody is saying they are incompetent, just that we dont fucking trust them. Why should we? What have any of the intelligence agencies done to earn your trust?

It all adds up to a terrifying and frightening possibility that maybe she is actually right. Maybe this thing is bigger and runs deeper than the threat of white supremacy and rape culture? What if these above problems could be solved by fighting the establishment in all forms so we can work towards a more socially and financially equitable society that would solve the underlying problems of rape culture and racism once and for all?

I dont think anybody here is a bad person on either side. I think we ultimately want the same things, but infighting is how we ALL lose. We cant beat the plutocrats until we form a united front and they know this.

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