You have clearly missed the point, you have companies posting record profits, buying other…
Stefanie Williams

I decided to create a Medium account just for the purpose of giving you a potentially different perspective for Talia, because lets face it, neither of us know her or her true situation. I don’t know if she is poor with money and I don’t know if she received an expensive bottle of bourbon as a gift. My old man gets me a bottle of expensive scotch for my birthday that I would never buy for myself. You don’t know the whole situation.

More importantly though I have been a hard worker like many, and I can’t help but feel like you are terribly naive to what happens to MOST people that work hard for a promotion at a company that treats them and values them less. MOST people are given the carrot on the stick to increase their productivity until some BS political appointment is picked for the vacancy you want. You get pissed and move to another company that does the same thing leavin : behind a legacy of “noble” self sacrifice with that company reaping the rewards of your hard work.

Perhaps you are the lucky exception to this general rule because you seem like a worldly intelligent person, I want to give you the benefit of naivete. This has been my entire career experience, working far harder than I needed to, only to realize that I got the biggest successes by making face time with important people, and avoiding others.

Your illusion of a meritocracy that naturally and fairly awards those that take the most crap and eat the most shit is unfounded. My bet, and I may be completely wrong about both of you, is that Talia may in fact be quite a bit more aware of a side of corporate America that you don’t seem to be aware of in your success. She may have quite a bit more insight into how this mess world than just a juvenile entitled millenial.

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