Knock Me Up or Love Me Truly
Heidi K. Isern

I don’t know you terribly well, only through your writing really. I like you enough to follow you, so please take what I say as mere wild speculation and dismiss it out of hand if I am completely off base, which of course I regularly am about these sorts of things, but have you considered that you might be suffering also from Special Snowflake Syndrome?

Hell, I am a straight male, but even I could possibly be swooned by the Dread Pirate Roberts. He is pretty damn special. With all due respects what makes you so special? Why should a one in a million Adonis choose to gift you with his legendary love making abilities and his demi God status DNA?

San Francisco is a tainted pool. There are not enough women seeking men, so normal men lose confidence, get horny and frustrated, and then ultimately desperate. The Greek god’s among them have no interest in more than a passionate fling and can afford to not be tied down. The women in this scene are likely in the startup game so they are hyper competitive and overly optimistic about their realistic prospects to snag the Greek god. They are likely entrepreneurs at heart so this unwise optimism makes them blind to the greater picture.

It is basically Nash’s Game Theory. Your probability of getting the best guy goes down where everybody is attempting to get the best guy. Mathematically your best option is to lower standards a bit. A new outlook though is that you are not lowering standards, you are leveling out and accepting where you really stand compared to others you are in competition with.

Out of the box thinking, instead of importing a baby, try importing a lover! Look outside your frankly fucked up dating scene and meeting amazing men that have had their fill of the single life and one night stands and are looking for something real and serious.

No intention to offend seriously, just trying to help.

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