There is a basic social behavior of humans to form groups inside groups.
Andrei Draganescu

I feel like your last paragraph is profound but I fail to understand. Are you stating that fear in a dictatorship warps our rational thought? Slogans and coincidences make us feel secure?

Much of the Hillary Clinton camp talks about Russians spreading lies about her and her campaign. Conspiracy theorists on the other side state that Hillary had forged the emails she turned over to the FBI to remove her name and email address from these emails.

A recent dig into the archives of Reddit show a sub from 2014 where a user thought to be a man named Combetta was asking how to delete email records of a VERY VERY IMPORTANT VIP in his words, from an Exchange server and PST file. This Combetta would have been in charge of Hillary Clintons email servers at this time. There is voluminous amounts of circumstantial evidence stating this screen name was in fact Combetta.

Turns out this one has high liklihood of being true. It still exists however as propaganda for the Russians despite it being true. That isnt the whole truth though, like about the whole truth about what Russia has done and all of Putins dark secrets.

The truth is incidental to it all.

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