I am sitting in the lobby of a hotel in Washington D.C.
Joe O'Sullivan

I feel your anger I do. My uncle has been in pain and poor health since agent orange exposure decades ago when we were the bad guys.

Assume we get behind the strategy you suggest and starve out the Federal government and delegate vast new powers to the states. With the reigns in 50 governments as opposed to 1, it would be trivial for them to set up 50 K Streets and lobby 50 state governments. The only reason they don’t do it so much now is that there are little bothersome regulations and agencies that affect profits at the state level currently. I know for a fact though that big business corruption is real at the state level too.

Pennsylvania is the only state that does not have a tax on natural gas well drilling. Even Texas has a small tax for this. When a bill was being debated for such a tax, an intense lobbying campaign began in my state by energy companies fighting the bill. They disingenuously claimed that such a tax will kill jobs because they will be forced to locate elsewhere, however elsewhere was already more expensive because as I said earlier every other state had a tax on this already!

After watching this debacle and the millions that were pouring into State election campaigns from Super PAC’s I knew that government is compromised on EVERY level, not just the Federal.