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I find myself in a very relevant and curious situation in my career. I used to be able to focus on the discipline of the engineering profession (in what early form it may exist for software) and the progression of skills to move up in my career.

I have acheived the role of the Application Architect on a major multi million dollar project.

I am woefully unprepared.

The skills that led me to this point are not the skills that will make me successful now. Primarily my role is to be a communicator and advocate for quality attributes of the system. I can do this through documentation and reasoning about design choices on paper where I am comfortable, however the bigger part of my job is effective communication with stakeholders and others. Sometimes this involves the need to present a convincing argument. Politically savvy people run roughshod on me from time to time.

What secrets can I garner from The Bard on this front? I will have to do some reading.

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