Right versus rational is a lie
Andrei Draganescu

I had to read your post several times because I feel like what you are saying is important but maybe I just fail to understand. As a Christian let me offer some examples. Was it rational for Jesus to threaten the establishment at the time? Was it rational for his disciples to put themselves in danger by following him? According to your argument yes that their definition of right is rationalized by the greater good so they are one in the same.

My definition of rational is that you make a decision that is in your self interest and how does it serve yourself if you are most certainly going to be at a disadvantage by taking the right path?

If I work a job that actively makes the world a worse place for more money, then I am making a selfish rational choice at the expense of my moral sense of right and wrong. What Holly Wood is saying is that our rationality can be in conflict with our morals. Maybe what she meant to say is self interested rationality.

If not then call me an Elite, I really don’t care, I have been called far worse things.

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