Wouldn’t a man hypothetically be as capable of recognizing beauty in another man as he would a woman — or like, a cool flower!! Or a gorgeous landscape!!
I Have No Idea What My Sexual Orientation Is & I’m Trying To Be Chill About It
Abby Norman

I have no problem with it and I think that envy you feel is extremely common in men even if they dont like to talk about it.

Just last night I was watching Dirty Dancing with the wife and the scene where Patrick Swazye is dancing shirtless and about to hook up came on, I remarked out loud that the fact that guys that good looking exist is extraordinarily unfair to guys like me. Because how am I supposed to compare to that?

And yeah I am a little jealous of a guy that is physically impressive and wish I had better muscle definition, thicker hair, taller and less belly fat.

If you don’t think it is common then why does Mens Health magazine publish shirtless Adonis on every cover?

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